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resume for a physics graduate

resume for a physics graduate

Expert on various sensors including magneto-elastic torque sensor, magneto-optical sensor, magnetic speed sensor, linear displacement sensor, and angular rotation sensor. Investigation and test of chalcogenide and modified fluoride fibers for high power mid-IR light transport. As a recent college graduate, your education is one of your strongest assets.Include an “Education” section towards the top of your resume. Primary contact regarding personnel and contractor training records, radiation dose history reports, and personal information tracking and updating. Assisted with monthly/annual QA for a Varian Clinac iX using a PTW scanning water phantom. Reported project progress at the weekly conference call with customer, utilizing feedback to refine tests. Completed chart checks and verification for 90+ patient/week center using ARIA and RadCalc. Many professionals work as physicists in universities, lecturing to undergraduate and postgraduate students and leading them in laboratory work. Provided training regarding data requirements and basic algorithm settings to other business units. Sample Resume For Graduate School Application—Work Experience Went on to apply it to various customer projects such as Ford, BMW, Hyundai, ARS, John Deere, and FEV. Assessed monthly mechanical checks on a Varian Clinac iX, SN 0826. Assisted in the development of XiO training materials and sections of the XiO Physics Training Guide. Include the college you attended, your graduation date, and your major and minor. But because the CV is a lengthier document, you can squeeze in a lot more detail on it than you can a resume — basically, as many sections as you want! In order to write a strong physics CV, it is important to understand the duties and responsibilities of this occupation. Graduate school resumes should highlight all of your major academic and professional experiences and accomplishments — particularly those most relevant to your field of study. 3-D reconstruction algorithm for x-ray cone-beam operation and image metrology. Physics Teacher Resume. Trained and supervised postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students.Key accomplishments, Assisted the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) by executing Radiation Safety programs. To build an attractive resume, you need to find out the best resume format. Reduced formatting (especially bold and underline) and a one-inch margin all round the resume will improve white space. Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanners with a flat panel amorphous silicondetector for industrial applications. Physics Today is a partner in the AIP Career Network, a collection of online job sites for scientists and engineers. Phone number 4. Supervised Stereotactic Radiotherapy treatments. Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the physics engineer job. Recorded and verified patients' course of treatment with IMPAC software. Developed lab inspection reports using Microsoft Access database. Sub System Manager for a mission-critical system at world's largest fusion testing and research facility. Founded [company name] in 1997 and built it into a $650,000 business, Improved the profitability of every Sugar Refining Company by introducing a Microwave System that dramatically improved their ability to control the Brix of a Sugar Solution during production. Completed treatment planning verifications using Eclipse 8.9. The average resume sample for this position highlights duties like teaching courses, assigning homework, grading tests, supervising lab work, and monitoring student progress. All rights reserved. Extensive knowledge on optics, thermal physics, numerical analysis, and mechnical design. When you uncover a job opportunity that aligns with your skills, you will need to put together a resume to include with your application — and a resume is NOT a CV! resume. Performed quarterly inspection (permit auditing), and wrote quarterly reports, Supervised and assigned chores to Radiation Safety Technicians, Prepared radioactive waste and radiobiomedical waste for pick up by vendors, Performed other duties assigned by the RSO, and in the absence of the RSO, Prepared radiation safety manual & safety training programs for the analytical & medical X-rays use (including dental x-rays ), and SOPs, Prepared radiation safety training programs and handouts for medical, non-medical authorized users, and Protective Services at [company name]. In any job application, a resume is required. The Guide To Resume Tailoring. Review patients' treatment plan and MU calculations; audited weekly/ final chart for all patients on treatment; using TLD/Diode to measure/evaluate patient dose. Established a research program in thin-film synthesis of refractory materials and designed an apparatus for pulsed laser deposition of thin films. ... Graduate degree in physics, optics, or related field 10 Developed several cold atom miniature clock designs. A physicist resume requires a neat and intricate resume design. Seeks to apply aptitude and passion for science and programming to a position in related fields. Capable of applying complex physical concepts and calculations in various environments. Whether you are seeking a part-time job, undergraduate research position, summer job, or a full-time career, most prospective employers are going to want to see a resume. Managed a project funded by a major client whose goal was to increase efficiency and birefringence in our holographic optical elements. Effectively direct and maintain smooth operation of all radiation therapy procedures within the physics & dosimetry group and, maintained effective remote connection and communication between radiation therapy staff of two cancer centers; regularly consulted with the physician for new patient treatment plan/setup. Monthly and annual calibration/QA of linacs, simulator/CT, and dosimetry devices. Responsible for IMRT QA using Sun Nuclear MapCheck 1. It is also broad, which means that your knowledge and skills are valuable in a wide range of areas. Oversaw the movement of the hazardous radioactive waste program from established location to newly approved facility, the decommissioning of the past facility, and participated in the planning of the new waste-processing facility. But there is a third kind of resume. Based on our collection of resume samples, essential qualifications for a Physicist are excellent math skills, innovation, analytical thinking, creativity, and training abilities (for those holding a teaching position). Responsible for managing radiation contamination into the human body. 3. Also list your achievements and explain what sets you apart from other competitors. Involved in QA for [company name] HDR brachytherapy equipments and treatment planning. Physics Major Resume. Cultivated hands-on experience with Varian Linac 2100C, Varian Ximatron Simulator, and Varian GammaMed iX HDR. Using the right vocabulary and keywords is important when writing your physicist resume. Professional Summary Experienced physicist with a strong background in research and development. If you are writing a resume with little experience, add all relevant courses and a stellar GPA to add weight to your resume. 1. Provided support to various departments and customers for ordering and shipping various materials, including some hazardous materials. This means you should tailor your resume to your field of study and avoid padding it … Review and perform acceptance tests and verification of the beam-modeling solutions before commissioning them for use on patients at [company name]. A resume is a short summary of your most relevant qualifications for a particular employment opportunity. To leverage your stellar qualifications and get that lucrative physicist research position, you need to write a professional physicist resume that will adequately highlight your competencies to the hiring managers. Efficient and result-oriented 1-1/2 years of solo practice with minimal supervision. Constructed an Atom Chip Lab for development of Navigation and Atomic Clock Development. When writing a physicist’s resume, it is crucial that you use a resume format that will highlight your past work experience; the work experience section indicates the value that you have brought to previous employers. Awarded a series of patents for such innovative developments. Another incredibly vital section is the contact section; include a current email address, phone number, and a LinkedIn profile (optional). If you are writing a resume or cv for a fresh graduate position, it is important to make the objective statement as compelling as possible. Theoretical Physicist with areas of expertise in quantum physics, electromagnetic theory, statistical mechanics, and physics of elementary particles at high energy accelerators. Served and supported IMPAC and LANTIS(TM) R&V (Record and Verify) oncology information systems. Developed magnetic hysteresis compensation method which can significantly reduce magnetic hysteresis error. The reverse chronological order is the best approach. Either way, ensure that it includes the most relevant skills that the recruiter wants to see. ResumeCoach » Resume Examples » Physicist, Craft a tailored physicist resume based on these expert examples, Choose an effective physicist resume sample for your job search. Measured magnetic fields near NMR machines. Resume is your first interaction with your employer.It is the gateway that actually connects you with your employer much before they meet you. Provided solution for shielding magnetic interference from magnetic clutch for Ford output shaft project. Physics Engineer Resume Samples 4.7 (34 votes) for Physics Engineer Resume Samples. Teamed with staff to monitor machines (including LINAC and Treatment Planning System data model) for radiation survey, acceptance testing, and commissioning. Provided solution for degaussing magnetic hot spots in the torque converter for Ford input shaft project. Typical work activities mentioned on Physicist resumes include researching physical phenomena, teaching students, contributing to the advancement of science, and developing new scientific methods. Coordinated with management and consultant on renewal of NRC Radioactive Materials License regarding therapeutic portion of application. Checked MLC functionality using Kodak CR. Finite differences programs AUTODYN, [company name], Finite element programs SAP86, MTAB-STRESS, Ported AUTODYN to Windows, Sgi, Cray, Vax, Dec, Convex and Hp computers, Participated in the Gui design and porting of the Sandia fracture program Emu to the Windows. Beam profile measurement using PTW and beam modeling for Oncentra and PLATOplanning systems equipped with IMRT. Design. This should be at the very top of your CV and take up 3-5 lines’ worth of space, depending on how you choose to format it. If you have done any research or attended any significant forums and seminars, include them in the publications and seminars attended sections. Physics CV Must-Haves What Does Physics Do? Development of passively Q-switched Nd:YAG and resonantly pumped Er:YAG lasers for flash and scanningLIDAR. Scanning x-ray fluorescence microscope to study chemical distribution in/on specimens. Ensured appropriate and accurate dosages during course of treatment, effectively calibrating dosimetry devices such as Sun Nuclear Profiler 2700 for daily output and diodes. X-ray diffraction microscope to study strain field with a sensitivity of ~10-4. Answered calls for customer assistance using various brachytherapy software packages, Participated in QRT quality improvement initiatives, Trained and debriefed on many of the latest software advances by this important industry leader, Provided emergency on-site support for mission critical recovery situations. One important step for that is choosing a perfect resume format for physics graduate. Emphasize education. Social Chair - Facilitate on campus presentations by scheduling guest speakers and networking opportunities - Attend and participate in academic and social events geared towards Physics students, gaining professional development and industry knowledge ... Graduate Physics Resume Example As for format, there are two approaches for new grads. Conducted radiation safety training to Nursing staff, Dental X-ray personnel, Mailroom personnel, analytical X-ray users, radioisotope users. When writing your resume, aim to be brief and concise, including only the most vital information. Ensured the proper calibration and operation of equipment utilized by the Radiation Safety Office and laboratories for the measurement of radioactive material. Participated actively in patients' treatment planning with Brachyvision and real-time intra-op planning in OR with Variseed TPS. Performed FEM simulations and planned test procedures. Work experience. A professional resume seeks a stronger look at your job(s), while an MBA resume looks at your job, your education and a glimpse of your personal development as a consequence of your involvement in each (Read MBA Resume Tips). Processed daily machine output. with a background in physics, regardless of what stage they are at in their career. What is the difference between a CV and a resume? This physics major resume is a useful guideline on writing a complete and professional resume. HDR brachytherapy planning and QA for cervical, head and neck IORT, and endobronchial sites, External beam treatment planning and IMRT QA using Eclipse, Monthly and annual LINAC QA (TG-142 and TG-51), Responsibilities included pre and post brachytherapy treatment planning, Designed treatment plans by means of computer and/or manual computation that delivered a prescribed radiation dose in accordance with the Radiation Oncologist prescription, Set up and performed educational radiation safety inservices for 15 different locations which included hospitals and surgery centers, Worked with hospital based physicists in preserving compliance with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the State of New Jersey, Analyzed samples and smears to support site work utilizing Tennelec and Ludlum instrumentation, Performed daily QC on all instrumentation, Assisted on an as needed basis field Health Physicist to maintain production and shipping for site work, Performed surveys and maintain data to satisfy U.S. Army Corp of Engineers requirements, Assisted in accreditation of field laboratory.

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