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Price Guarantee

Our pricing is updated constantly on most tours to ensure you get the best price available online or at your destination — 100% guaranteed!

Osjah’s Price Guarantee protects you two ways. First, if you find a better price for the same tour and activity offered by the same operator (priced in the same currency) within 24 hours of booking, send us the details and we’ll refund the price difference. No gimmicks, no exceptions.

Second, we also protect you against arriving at a destination and finding the same tour or activity offered at a better price from our operator. If you do happen to find a lower price direct from our operator, simply send us the details and we’ll refund the price difference. It’s that easy.


At Osjah.com we try our best to ensure the accuracy of our pricing. However, even with our most sincere efforts, pricing errors may still occur. If an item’s price is displayed incorrectly, we will cancel your order for that item and alert you of the order cancellation.

Requesting a Refund is Easy!



Check it’s the same tour and activity at the same destination on the same dates



For refundable bookings where the cheaper price is available on Osjah.com, call our Customer Service or alternatively cancel your existing booking online under Your Bookings when signed into your Osjah.com account and rebook online at the cheaper price.

For non-refundable bookings or refundable bookings where the cheaper price is available on another website, just fill out the form and we’ll check the details.

All requests must be made by 23:59 the day before your stay at the latest.



For a refundable booking:

If you find the cheaper price on another website, we’ll check the details of your booking and refund you the difference immediately, after you have completed your tour. Your bank can take up to 30 days to process this.

For a non-refundable booking:

Once we’ve checked the details of your booking, we’ll give you the price difference in the form of a coupon for you to redeem on any future booking on Osjah.com. This will be sent to you by email. Coupons terms and conditions apply


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