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Thailand Overview

There’s a reason that so many adventurers seek out mystical Thailand – with experiences that tantalize all five senses and activities appealing to a wide variety of travel styles, Thailand is the perfect destination to witness an exciting blend of natural, cultural, historical and urban delights. Few places have the gorgeous beaches of Phuket, the wild enthusiasm of Bangkok, the 40,000-year-old history, and the natural appeal of the mountainous rural areas all packed into one country. Distinct surroundings remind visitors of Thailand’s rich Siamese influence, while the progressive civilization in the capital city propels it into modern age and the tribes people in the north still preserve their ancient traditions.

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Thailand’s classic images arrive like a vivid dream as sapphire oceans lap against powdery shores. Ancient ruins abound, culture persists, and the fantastic wonders of Thailand are endless. Yet this country is far more than postcard perfect. It cascades idiosyncrasy and subtlety, while every visitor is treated with a personal journey tinged with surprises. Thailand is the place to elevate the travel reverie into an intimately unique experience.

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